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How Will You Freshen Your Kicks?

  • Game Night

    A basic shoe clean, the Game Night will have you ready for tip-off without breaking the bank!
    • Upper
    • Mid-Sole
  • Full-Court Press

    Experience a full shoe clean with our Full Court Press, covering the entire exterior of the shoe!
    • Upper
    • Mid-Sole
    • Outsole
    • Laces
  • The D. Book

    Matching the performance of D. Book on the court, this full package plan will level up your game!
    • Upper
    • Mid-Sole
    • Outsole
    • Insole
    • Deodorize/Disinfect
    • Laces
    • Waterproofing
  • Sir Charles

    Every month
    Legends never die - neither should your shoes. The Sir Charles plan will make sure you stay fresh!
    • Four Full-Court Presses per month
    • Same shoes or four different pairs - your choice!


Pickup days are Tuesday's and Fridays

7am - 2pm


Game Night - 3 days
Tuesday pickup - Friday delivery
Friday pickup - Tuesday delivery

Full-Court Press and D. Book - 7 days

Express 24 hour turnaround is $20 per pair.

Express 48 hour turnaround is $10 per pair.

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